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BEARCLAW is our first Kickstarter project. We? We are the Kickstarter Team of Werable Solutions GmbH and have been developing motorcycle clothing and smart textiles. Together with our motor sportsmen and test drivers we have developed the next generation of gloves, especially motorcycle gloves.The Bearclaw BC118, BC219 and BC319 gloves are our latest innovation in motorcycle clothing. These are absolutely waterproof gloves! ABSOLUTELY WATERPROOF! The gloves have some basic functions: Waterproof, Breathable, Fall-proof, Touch function, Ergonomic and comfortable fit. The BC319 has some extra functions: LED in the middle finger, adjustable width, Hillpilot altimeter, Ultra light battery system. After more than 2 years of development and some prototypes and tests we are now ready to take the last steps together with you. We pay attention to longevity, function and sustainability. Therefore the glove is only developed here in Schrobenhausen (Bavaria, Germany). No, EVERY glove is also made here. That´s our DNA of Wearable Solutions! We also live this motto when it comes to our leather. For the BEARCLAW gloves we almost exclusively use cattle from Germany and Austria whose skins would otherwise end up in the garbage. So we help thid waste product of the meat industry to a second life with the necessary respect through manual work and an undreamt-of added value through our understanding of technology.

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